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FotoSagaOnlineLogo_smallA wave in the history of photography is being created right now!

Women are creating a new paradigm simply by the use of camera phones and increasing the numbers of images being collected. Every month women take 250 to 300 images with their telephone cameras alone, averaging 10 photographs a day!

If you have been bitten by the camera bug and would like to elevate your images into the fine art category, please consider joining the FotoSága Online course. This introductory course will expose you to the concepts of the past 100 years in fine art photography. The course was designed to encourage your awareness and share your vision beyond the point-and-shoot approach.

Fine art photographer Carol Henry designed this program after being in the field over 25 years. Knowledge is powerful and your interest in photography is limitless. In the digital world, you can photograph without the limitations of film and paper. You also can share your work without the expense of printing and portfolios, so why not indulge your creative side by learning more and cultivating your strengths?

The program consists of 11 sessions and costs $95. This is how it works. Once you sign up by clicking the link, you will be emailed your first PDF of information to introduce you to fine art photography. On the first and 15th day of the following 5 months you will receive additional PDF information and assignments. It doesn’t matter when you join, you will be in your own rotation.

There is also a way you can share your assignment images on the FotoSága Flickr page. The account is active for each woman enrolled and you can post your photographs there once you set up your own Flickr account. Anyone can see and comment on your images. Exposing your work and receiving critical feedback from your peers is an interesting way to explore your photo communication skills!

After 25 years as a fine art professional, Carol Henry has gathered many useful concepts and guidelines to help you improve your photographic vision! For the past year she has led three FotoSága women’s photography groups in her Carmel, California studio, personally guiding and inspiring the photography of over 30 women. Find your fine art photography voice with FotoSága Online that will keep you moving forward on the photographic wave!!


FotoSága has now reached out to countless budding photographers! You can join now by filling out the following information for yourself, or present it to your female photographer friends as a gift by selecting “gift subscription” below. Either way we hope to continue inspiring the creative vision of women everywhere.