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Carol Henry with Tasha's Tulip










A lecture series for female photographers that integrates history with goals, assignments and reviews.

Created in January 2015 by fine art photographer Carol Henry, FotoSága is an ongoing program that mentors female photographers and encourages their exploration of fine art photography. The program consists of 1o sessions, twice monthly, spread over a 5 to 6 month period. Each session meets for 3 hours and consists of lively topics involving women in photography. Individuals explore their own visual awareness as well as the historic female figures that shaped photography which includes women that enthusiastically elevate the medium today. The program consists of photography outings, speakers and individual assignments that lead to writing about and preparing for the groups’ individual photographers’ to show in a gallery event and curated exhibition.

In Norse mythology, Sága is a seeress, the goddess associated with wisdom and poetry. She is the muse for FotoSága! Join us in this supportive, inspirational and enlivened environment to further explore fine art photography!